Rigid Thermoforming Film

About Bottom Rigid Thermoforming Film “APET”

  • A fresh new arrival in our Portfolio.
  • We offers high-barrier rigid sheet solutions with “APET”
    thermoplastic material intended for food packaging
    applications for Dates, meat, Poultry & fish, processed
    food, frozen food, etc.
  • Barrier packaging guarantees that products remain in
    good condition.
  • It helps to preserve their organoleptic properties and
    protects against external agents such as light, humidity,
    temperature and oxygen.
  • High-barrier sheets are the optimal solution for
    preserving certain foods, maximizing their shelf-life and
    avoiding food waste.
  • Glossy & High Transparent “Crystal Clear”.
  • Mono plastic alternatives ready for recycling.
  • Environment Friendly.

Technical Data Sheet
Bottom Rigid Thermoforming Film “APET”

Thickness 550µm

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