Transparent adhesive tape

Transparent adhesive tape

  • Highly durable adhesive tape

  • Suitable for all cardboard boxes

  • Easy and quick to stick

  •  Very suitable for packaging of all kinds

  • Sizes to suit all needs

  • 1000 yard length for carton packing machines

  • 100 yard length is easy for hand machines

100 yards long (48 mm wide, 45 micron thick)

1000 yards long (48 mm wide, 45 micron thick)

* Stretch rolls 17 micron (250, 50, 1500m) 23 micron (1500 m)

* BOPP rolls for packing dates and maamoul 30 microns (12cm*1500m, 13cm*1500m, 15cm*1500m)

POF rolls 19 micron (20,25,30,35,40,45,50cm in length of 1000m)

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