Our brand plays a significant role in displaying accomplishments we are pleased of, and it may create a tale throughout time with pride and superiority at the forefront. Our brand places a strong emphasis on fostering consumer trust and loyalty as well as disseminating the goods and services we provide. The success of a company in the labor market can be significantly impacted by building and maintaining a strong brand.

Given that the world has become more health- and nutrition-conscious, our food packaging is the most developed industry. Our trademark is Crystal C, the name that lends significance to our packaging.

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Vacuum Bags

We design and manufacture all lines of air ducts made of steel Metal or stainless steel square-shaped or roundish

Casting Films

We design and installation ventilation system which help to remove heat and humidity form the atmosphere.

Thermoforming Film

We are design, supply and provide technological products, services and solutions that help fire safety.

Operating & Maintenance

We have a team of technicians and engineers coach at the highest level to do maintenance. We are doing annual maintenance contracts for the follow-up and maintenance.


packaging products

You are aware of our wide variety.
Top Web Casting Lidding Films
Bottom Web Casting Thermoforming Film
Date Paste Plastic
Special APET Top Lidding Film Available
Vacuum Bags
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-23 at 4.04.16 PM
Bottom Rigid Thermoforming Film "APET"
Cling Roll
Stretch Roll
Shrink Roll
Foam Tray
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Poultry APET Tray
Top Lidding Film For Poultry APET Tray
Bopp Clear Tape
Bopp Clear Tape

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     Recently our Crystal C Food Packing products is the most developed business as the globe become nutritionally healthy oriented and the market is well regulated